St Marks Trick Shots  2 2016 online St Marks Trick Shots  3 2016

Aidan Murray and the students of St Marks in Newbridge held a trick shot exhibition recently at the School.

Aidan has been coaching and mentoring the students over the past year and preparing them for competition and just recently getting them ready for a trick shot exhibition.  Aidan has done fantastic work with the students and we in RILSA and Stars Academy Ireland really appreciate his help and support.

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The students had a fantastic day and everyone completed their shots and were delighted with the exhibition.  For those looking on, it was a real treat and applauded every shot.

St Marks Trick Shots  5 2016St Marks Trick Shots  6 2016St Marks Trick Shots  7 2016

A big thank you to Alma the principal who is so supportive and knows what snooker has done and continues to do for these fantastic students of St Marks.  Thanks to Aileen for her belief and vision in our initiative and is always on hand to help out.


Thanks to all the teachers and students for making this event such a fantastic success