The win wager is the most elementary kind of bet in horse racing. Also called the”Straight Bet” or the”Single”, this is a single proposition on a single horse. You are betting on if the horse you select is going to win or not.
In case your horse crosses the finish line first, you win the wager. It doesn’t matter if your horse finishes second or twelfth, if it does not win first place, you then lose the bet. The chances are going to be longest (of all types of single stakes ) on the right bet, although the payouts will be biggest.
Straight Bets And Grow On Horse Races
This sort of bet can get a little confusing for new parimutuel betters, since the win wager is occasionally known by the expression”right bet”. However, there is also the distinction between right bets (win, place, show) and exotic bets (others in the horse track). Should you hear the expression right bet and it will not make sense in a context opposite exotic stakes, then the individual probably is talking about a straightforward win wager.
Case of A Straight Bet
For an illustration of how a win wager functions, I’m likely to use the field to the 2011 Kentucky Derby. Rather than giving the listing by beginning or completing position, I wished to number the record by which horses began as the gambling favorites and that were the dark horses. I have also included which position from the pole each horse started, in addition to where they finished. The odds posted are the opening betting line. Keep in mind that nearly all of these lines changed by the start of the race.
Dialed In — 4 to 1 Odds — 8th Post Position — 8th Place Finish
Nehro — 6 to 1 Odds — 19th Post Position — 2nd Place Finish
Archarcharch — 10 to 1 chance — 1st Post Position — 15th Place Finish
Midnight Interlude — 10 to 1 — 15th Post Position — 16th Place Finish
Soldat — 12 to 1 — 17th Post Position — 11th Place Finish
Mucho Mucho Man — 12 to 1 — 13th Post Ranking — 3rd Place Finish
Shackleford — 12 to 1 — 14th Post Ranking — 4th Place Finish
Pants on Fire — 20 to 1 — 7th Post Ranking — 9th Place Finish
Twice the Appeal — 20 to 1 — 3rd Post Ranking — 10th Place Finish
Stay Thirsty — 20 to 1 — 4th Position — 12th Place Finish
Animal Kingdom — 30 to 1 — 16th Position — 1st Place Finish
Master of Hounds — 30 to 1 — 11th Position — 5th Place Finish
Santiva — 30 to 1 — 12th Position — 6th Place Finish
Outstanding Speed — 30 to 1 — 2nd Ranking — 7th Place Finish
Derby Kitten — 30 to 1 — 9th Ranking — 13th Place Finish
Decisive Moment — 30 to 1 — 5th Ranking — 14th Place Finish
Twinspired — 30 to 1 — 10th Ranking — 17th Place Finish Watch Me Go — 50 to 1 — 20th Position — 18th Place Finish
Comma On Top — 50 to 1 — 6th Ranking — 19th Place Finish
Therefore, if you chose to put a straight bet on the favorite entering the Kentucky Derby, you would have bet on Dialed-In in 4-to-1 odds. “Dialed In” ended 8th, a losing proposition, but you would have lost had Dialed-In finished anywhere between 2 and 19.
In fact, the only straight bet that could win would have been the one put on Animal Kingdom, entering the race as a member of seven horses with 30-to-1 odds. This single-bet win would have provided a considerable payoff, since Animal Kingdom was only part of the pack before the race.
This tells you several things about betting on horses, aside from the fact that long shots can win, too. As you can see, having a position on the exterior is helpful, as no horse at the Top 6 has been anywhere closer than the 11th position from the pole, while the Top 3 finishers began at the 16th, 19th, and 13th place, respectively. The two Animal Kingdom and Nehro might have been helped by the fact that the horse in the 18th position pulled out prior to the race, clearing a bit extra distance for jockeying place.
Odds On Directly Horse Racing Bets
As soon as chances are posted, people wanting to place a straight bet are going to make decisions on these odds, influenced by a horse’s place position, the standing of the rider, the reputation of the trainer, the horse’s personal race background and pedigree, and any information coming out of that horse’s camp. This results in the chances to move in one direction or another as the week continues. As in most proposition betting, many serious betters have a tendency to create wagers early after the odds are put, to make the most of any perceived benefits in the oddsmaking. Late stakes often go against the gambling public.
In this instance, the betting favorites (Dialed In, Nehro) were stake from 4-to-1 into 5-to-1, while Nehro was wager from 6-to-1 into 8.5-to-1, therefore there weren’t too many wagers coming on those horses as the oddsmaker predicted. Animal Kingdom’s odds were down to 20.9-to-1 from the onset of the race.
Potential Payoffs On Win Bets
The payoffs are some of the best in horse track racing on straight stakes, because the odds that any one horse is going to win a race are comparatively tiny. Even the preferred will get the chances against it. You aren’t going to win frequently producing straight bets, but if you hit on Animal Kingdom, you’re paid between $20,000 and $30,000 on a $1000 right bet, which explains why a lot of gamblers get involved in straight bet action.

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