The final tour event of the season took place in Joey’s Snooker Club, Dublin recently. This was the one to do well in and gain all those important points to make it into the top 4 on the ranking, giving those prize money accumulated over the past 7 months of competition. in the first semi final Larry O’Dea overcame the number one Ronan Deegan in a very tense affair winning on the pink in the last frame. On the other table Dave Seales was in fine form against the number two Annette Newman winning the two frames needed to go into the final. Dave started well in frame one with breaks of 24 and 30 to take it but Larry came back to level the match at 1-1. Dave kept his focus and again responded well with breaks of 27 and 35 to clinch the frame and match and securing him the number two spot on the rankings. Top 4 after the event are Ronan Deegan  2013 Club Champion (1) Dave Seales (2) Annette Newman (3) and Larry O’Dea (4) these are now guaranteed substantial prize money and are qualified to play in the tour championship in two weeks time for another good prize fund. The prize fund is subject to entries over the season and the final fund will be subject to entries on the day of the championship. A smaller prize fund for those who were not so successful during the season and competed in the plate competitions with ranking points awarded go to the top 4 of Dan Carroll (1) Paddy Fagan (2) Larry O’Dea (3) and Dave Seales (4) as can be seen it is possible for players to receive prize money from both events all depending on their final standings in both rankings. The Griffith Tour events are organised and developed to cater for all the players and every player will receive prize money all depending on their final rankings and championship places. Thanks to all for their support during the tour events and congratulations to all our winners and I look forward to the championship and best of luck to all in the event in two weeks time.