The quarter finals of the Dublin Snooker Federation Cup took place in Joeys on Tuesday 29th April. The Griffith club had a hard match against Sportslink A with a 3 frame lead handicap. Ronan Deegan (Griffith Club) took the first 2 frames in his match against Sportslinks A team player Simon Scott to put the Griffith club back in the match. With Darragh Hackett (Griffith Club) levelling his match against Mark Matthews 1-1 gave them a fighting chance, however Jimmy Howard ( Griffith Club) also levelled 1-1 against Gavin Gahan to set the match at 4-5 in favour of Sportslink A. Its the first team to reach 7 frames goes into the semis. Back to the 1 frame format Ronan took his frame against Simon to level at 5-5 Darragh Hackett took his frame against Mark Matthews to go into a 6-5 lead. Jimmy Howard had a hard frame against Gavin Gahan and took it with a cut pink into the middle pocket to put the Griffith club into the semis. The match between Joeys B and Racecourse was played down to the wire, Racecourse were on a 4 frame handicap and Joeys B had 2 frames. Paddy Glynn of Racecoures got the team off to a good start with a 2 nil win over Derek Walsh only needing one more frame for a semi final spot. However the Joeys B team played great snooker Liam Evans and Aaron Holland both won their matches 2 nil against Michael Nolan and Luke McLoughlin respectively to level the match 6-6. The pressure was now back on Paddy and Derek with a 1 frame shoot out. Paddy played good snooker and took the frame on the colours to give the Racecoures their first semi final place in the Cup. Mountjoy took on the Federation League Champions Joeys A and once again the competition was great. Mountjoy had a 2 frame lead and soon went 4 nil up when Steve Patten beat Fran Lanigan of Joeys A 2 nil. Mick Walsh of Joeys A took 2 good frames off Joe Roche (Mountjoy) to give them a chance. Anthony Clifford (Mountjoy) played great snooker against Dave Brennan of Joeys A to go 6-2 up with only needing 1 frame to win. It was back to Steve and Fran, both players played well but Steve was stronger and won on the colours to put Mountjoy into the Semis. Century City got a walkover from Sportslink B to meet Mountjoy in the Semis.

Mountjoy Cup Champions 2014

Tuesday 6th May saw the Semi Finals take place again in Joeys Snooker Club. Racecourse had a 4 frame lead over Griffith. Darragh Hackett took his 2 frames against Luke McLoughlin and Jimmy Howard levelled with Michael Nolan and also Ronan Deegan levelled with Paddy Glynn to set the match 6-4 in favour of Racecourse going into the 1 frame matches. Darragh took his frame against Luke and Jimmy took his against Michael levelling the match 6-6. Ronan played well in his frame against Paddy and took the Griffith Club into the final. Century City had a 3 frame handicap and Mountjoy with 2 frames. Dave Seales (Century City) levelled his match 1-1 against Steve Patten. Joe Roche (Mountjoy) won both frames against Annette Newman. Mountjoy with only two players gave a walkover to Gary Seales of Century City 2 nil making the match 6-5 in favour of Century City. It all went down to the 1 frame games. Steve Patten put the pressure on taking the frame against Dave to level the match 6-6. Annette and Joe played great snooker and the frame now down to the pink and black with Annette only needing one snooker to win. With a great bout of playing snookers and getting out of snookers Joe potted the pink to give Mountjoy a final place.

Griffith Team League & Cup Runners Up 2014

In the final on Tuesday 13th May Mountjoy had a 2 frame start on the Griffith Club and put the pressure on right from the start with Steve Patten taking the 2 frames against Ronan Deegan, Darragh Hackett levelled his match against Graham Wilkinson to keep the match alive. Anthony Clifford saw off Jimmy Howard 2 frames to nil to give the Mountjoy Team a great 7 to 1 win over the Griffith Club and a 3rd Cup title win. Congratulations to Mountjoy on their win and to the Griffith Club on their great performance. Thanks to all the teams for taking part and supporting a great cup competition. A special thanks to Derek Fagan, Derek Walsh, Gavin & Keith for providing table time and refreshments and Sandwiches on the night free of charge to all the teams in the league, it was very much appreciated by everyone in attendance.