On Saturday 15th February a meeting between Stars Academy Ireland and the World Ladies Snooker Association held a meeting. The result of this important meeting, means that both Associations have been united in the promotion of Ladies Snooker. Dan Carroll and Annette Newman of Stars Academy Ireland along with Leona O’Connor representing the Schools & Colleges Initiative met with the President/Chairwoman Mandy Fisher of the World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association. All were in agreement that the Schools & Colleges will play a very important part in promoting the ladies game and especially at junior level.

Annette Mandy Leona

It is proposed over a period of a few years that both Associations will keep in contact and develop the junior game and grow the numbers playing the ladies game with the possibility of someday holding a World junior ladies snooker championships. Details of any such events will be made available in due course. A great deal of discussions and meetings over the next few years will need to be had to enable us to move forward and bring the ladies game to new heights. We feel that the future is very bright for the ladies sport and I look forward to working with the World Ladies Association in helping to achieve our goals. Thanks to our Secretary Annette Newman and Leona O’Connor for their interest and contribution and thanks to Mandy Fisher for her input and very helpful ideas towards our combined efforts in the future.