Saturday 16th March saw the U/16 Stars Academy Ireland event take place in Joeys Snooker Club Dublin. Again the players turned out to support. With Stars Academy Ireland building its membership weekly its only a matter of time when the number of players entering will mean that we will have to run only one event on the day rather than two as has been the case over the past number of years. Michael Woods from Dublin saw off Alan Payne (Dublin) and Reece Doyle, Kildare with 2 nil defeats to reach the semis and likewise Darragh Cusack (Dublin) in the same half saw off Josh Duffy, (Dublin), Daniel Locmellis (Dublin) and Conor Murtagh also from Dublin with 2 nil defeats to give him a semi final meeting with Michael. In the bottom half of the draw Daniel Mullen from Kildare had his best ever result reaching the semis beating three Dublin players, Dylan O’Connell, Leon Kavanagh and Tareek Payne. Aaron Holland from Joeys in Dublin was in fine form for this his first tournament beating three Dublin players, Daniel Wilson, Nathan Ward and Shane McDonagh to set him against Daniel Mullen in the second semi final. The match between Michael Woods and Darragh Cusack was a close encounter with both players leveling at 1-1. Michael started well in the final frame but Darragh proved the stronger and won the frame and match on the pink ball. Aaron Holland took the the first frame on the colors but Daniel Mullen fought back to level and again this was a close game, but Aaron came out the winner on the black to give him his first final ever.The final was a tense affair with both players missing some easy pots and with the match leveled at 1-1 the final frame saw a lot of safety being played, however Aaron held his nerve and took the frame on the blue and pink to give him the title of Stars Academy Ireland U/16 Champion 2013. Congratulations to both players on their performance and to Aaron on his win. Thanks to everyone who took part and to all those parents and teachers who gave of their day off in support of the junior game. Thanks to Larry for his help and to Annette for her help and refereeing the final. A special thank you to Derek Fagan, Gavin, Stephen and all the staff of Joeys for their hospitality and showing great support towards Stars Academy Ireland and the junior sport.


Fred Connors (Sharkx Kildare)       2       Gavin Hand (Joeys Dublin)      0

Reece Doyle (Sharkx Kildare)         2      Dillon Creighton (Joeys Dublin) 0

Darragh Cusack (Sutton LTC)         2      Josh Duffy (Fairview Dublin)    0

Daniel Mullen (Sharkx Kildare)        2      Dylan O’Connell (Crossguns)   1

Leon Kavanagh (Joeys Dublin)        2      Ryan Ellison (CBS Dublin)        1

Shane McDonagh (CBS Dublin)      2     Leon Costello (Sharkx Kildare) 0

Jason O’Toole (CBS Dublin)           2      Gavin Doyle (Glenageary)         0

Aaron Holland (Joeys Dublin)          2     Daniel Wilson (CBS Dublin)      0


Reece Doyle (Sharkx Kildare)         2     Fred Connors (Sharkx Kildare)  1

Michael Woods (Griffith Club)         2     Alan Payne (CBS Dublin)           0

Conor Murtagh (Crossguns Dublin)  2    Aaron Mitchell (Joeys Dublin)     0

Darragh Cusack (Sutton LTC)         2     Daniel Locmellis (CBS Dublin)    0

Daniel Mullen (Sharkx Kildare)        2     Leon Kavanagh (Joeys Dublin)    0

Tareek Payne (CBS Dublin)             2     Glen Roche (CBS Dublin)           0

Shane McDonagh (CBS Dublin)       2     Jason O’Toole (CBS Dublin)      1

Aaron Holland (Joeys Dublin)           2     Nathan Ward (CBS Dublin)       1


Michael Woods                                 2     Reece Doyle                           0

Darragh Cusack                                2     Conor Murtagh                       0

Daniel Mullen                                    2     Tareek Payne                          0

Aaron Holland                                   2     Shane McDonagh                   0


Darragh Cusack                                2     Michael Woods                      1

Aaron Holland                                   2     Daniel Mullen                         1


Aaron Holland                                  2     Darragh Cusack                      1



Darragh Cusack     30, 28, 25, 24, 22

Reece Doyle          24, 21

Aaron Holland       28, 26

Fred Connors        29, 27

Michael Woods     34, 26