Saturday 26th January saw the U/13 Stars Academy Ireland event take place in the Ivy Rooms Carlow. Again the entries were up on last year along with the standard of play. For the first time ever two young ladies entered and had a great experience of competition play, Emirjeta Doda and Emily Bolger both fought hard but unfortunately were out of the event at the prelim round. 642-821
The top half of the draw saw Jordan Walker from Carlow winning his first two matches comfortably against Aaron Oglesby and James Neville both from the CBS Dublin, in the quarters he lost the first frame to Glen Roche another CBS player but came back to win the match 2-1 with a 47 break in the last. In this half young Colum Morley from Mayo had two good wins over Daniel Locmelis and James Bray Duffy from the CBS Dublin to give him a semi final meeting with Jordan. Corey Ramsbottom and Aaron Goldrick dominated the bottom half of the draw with Corey beating Jordan McCarthy from Carlow and Ciaran Sheridan from the CBS Dublin to reach the semis and Aaron with wins over Ryan Ellison from the CBS and Jordan Tierney from Roadstone Dublin to set up a semi final match with Corey. Again Corey was firing in pots from everywhere and proved too strong for Aaron winning 2-nil it gave Corey his second final on the day. Colum Morley took the first frame from Jordan and again Jordan came back from behind to take the next two to put him into the final. In the final Corey took the first and Jordan started well in the second but as Corey’s confidence soared with some long pots and Jordan letting him in on a few occasions, Corey ran out the winner of the U/13′s. What a great day for Corey winning both events, congratulations to him and congratulations to Jordan for his fine performance. Congratulations to Tareek Payne on winning the Plate competition and to Jordan McCarthy on reaching the Plate final.Thanks again to everyone for their  support and to Annette for her assistance on the day. Thanks to Marian, and Jim and staff of the Ivy Rooms for their support and providing excellent facilities. 642-825
Thank you to all the players for making this event such a great success and we look forward to seeing you all again on Saturday 23rd of February for the U/14′s & U/15′s


Jordan Walker (Ivy Rooms)         2     Aaron Oglesby (CBS Dublin)      0

James Neville (CBS Dublin)         Bye

Glen Roche (CBS Dublin)            2     Emily Bolger (Tullow)                  1

Josh Swaine (CBS Dublin)           Bye

James Bray Duffy (CBS Dublin)   Bye

Aaron Payne (CBS Dublin)          2     Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)          0

Daniel Locmelis (CBS Dublin)      Bye

Colum Morley (Mayo)                 Bye

Joe La Combre (Laois)                Bye

Jordan Tierney (Roadstone)         2     Tareek Payne (CBS Dublin)        1

Aaron Goldrick (Cavan)              Bye

Ryan Ellison (CBS Dublin)           Bye

Ciaran Sheridan (CBS Dublin)     Bye

Seamus McCullough (Ivy Rooms) 2    Patrick Corcoran (CBS Dublin)  0

Jordan McCarthy (Ivy Rooms)      2    Emirjeta Doda (CBS Dublin)      0

Corey Ramsbottom (Ivy Rooms)   BYE




Jordan Walker                             2     James Neville                             0

Glen Roche                                  2     Josh Swaine                               0

James Bray Duffy                         2     Aaron Payne                              1

Colum Morley                              2     Daniel Locmelis                          0

Jordan Tierney                              2     Joe La Cumbre                          0

Aaron Goldrick                            2     Ryan Ellison                               0

Ciaran Sheridan                           2     Seamus McCullough                  1

Corey Ramsbottom                     2     Jordan McCarthy                       0


Jordan Walker                            2     Glen Roche                                1

Colum Morley                            2     James Bray Duffy                       1

Aaron Goldrick                          2     Jordan Tierney                            0

Corey Ramsbottom                    2     Ciaran Sheridan                          0


Jordan Walker                           2     Colum Morley                             1

Corey Ramsbottom                    2    Aaron Goldrick                            0



Jordan Walker             20,23,25,27,47

Corey Ramsbottom      23,31

Colum Morley              22