Sunday 23rd February was the day that Stars Academy Ireland held their second Snooker Scholarship day for the first group of students selected this season. After their day out at the Ken Doherty Academy in October last where they were introduced to the importance of practice and hard work by Ken Doherty. This day in Sharkx was the next step in their development and the players were put through their paces by Dan Carroll World Snooker Coach for over 4 hours of practice routines and mini competitions.Red Prom Dresses
Coaching was free and the small fee paid covered table time and lunch at the club.

Scholarship Day 2 2014 at Sharkx 1

The standard in these players is ever improving and they all enjoyed the day out. Thanks to Bernie and staff for as always providing excellent playing conditions and great food.

Scholarship Day 2 2014 at Sharkx 2

We will be holding another day before this seasons Scholarship finishes in May and a new Scholarship will commence in June. The Scholarship set up this season was to provide free coaching to all the selected players and reduced entry fees to Stars Academy Events. A day at the Ken Doherty Academy and we hope to have some more of our top players come along to the next day out for these young players. As we progress each year we hope to provide a Scholarship Scheme within the School & College domain and to continue to give as much help as possible to these young players as possible in order to help them improve and develop their skills, who knows we will someday again see a World Champion or two in the years to come.

Scholarship Day 2 2014 at Sharkx