The Stars Academy Ireland School and College Initiative has commenced with the official awarding of certificate of membership to the CBS Westland Row in Dublin. Alan Bailey received the award from Stars Academy Secretary Annette Newman on behalf of the School. The CBS have been promoting snooker for a good number of years now and they have developed an after School event to cater for the students wanting to play snooker and introduced leagues and tournaments. Most of the students take part in the snooker events. The great work and dedication shown by Alan Bailey and the other teachers reflect that through the students who all know the rules of the sport and can play within the School. The School has two full size tables donated by Ken Doherty. Over the years hundreds of students have been introduced to the sport in the School and this is where Stars Academy Ireland are now using the CBS as a template for other Schools and Colleges around the Country to help promote the sport. Robert Redmond has come on board and is now patron of the School and will go into the School a number of times during the year to help promote and encourage the young students to play snooker. We are delighted to have the CBS Westland Row as a member School and look forward to many years of competitive snooker and the new School & College National Championships in 2014.