Saturday 11th October at Joey’s Snooker Club, Dublin saw the Scholarship students take part in a coaching day given by Dan Carroll World Snooker Coach and the theme for the whole day was towards the most important part of the game, that of psychology.

Dan began by outlining the importance of the mind game and how to focus and refocus the mind when we stray away from the concentration area of snooker.  Practical Psychology was demonstrated by Dan on the table and a set of routines explained in order to help players focus and think in a positive way.  From the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep each day, we are all Psychologists in our own right as we set about to analyse and question everyday things as we go about our daily chores and this is done without realising it.  Positive thinking is the key and if we turn a negative into a positive along with balancing winning and losing on the same line, we will be on our way to enjoying the sport more and improving our skill and overall performance.

A simple shake hands and wishing your opponent well and above all really meaning it as we say it, is so important for your self positive mind set and knowing that you are in control and showing your opponent that you are confident and that your at ease with him/her and your own self.  Even though there is no room for sentiment once the game of snooker has started and you must play to win and do your very best throughout, the fact that you are and continue to keep positive, will help you throughout your snooker career and it will also help with self control.  It is a fact of life that Positive people are much healthier than those who are of a negative nature, this is something really important for you to think about.