Saturday 14th June 2014 saw the first ever Stars Academy Ireland Snooker Scholarship get under way at the Ken Doherty Snooker Academy in Terenure, Dublin.  This Scholarship will see the young students receive World Class Coaching from Dan Carroll and a master class from Ken Doherty.  Over the next 12 months the 30 strong Scholarship students will be assessed on all aspects of the game and introduced to purposeful practice routines and the importance of Psychology the mind game and practical psychology on and off the table. Areas such as diet and exercise will be covered.  Ken Doherty will take some of the students for a private master class at his practice facility in the Radisson Hotel.  

Ken with Students

The day in the Ken Doherty Academy started with the students broken into two groups where each group took part in a competition after this Ken presented the winner and runner up of each group with their prizes and followed by a master class by Ken. The day was a great success and everyone really enjoyed their day at the Academy.

Ken presents prizes


A big thank you to Ken for his time and providing excellent facilities on the day. Thanks to Caroline for her much appreciated help and to Annette and Larry of Stars Academy for their help on the day.  Thanks to all the students and parents, teachers, and mentors who travelled from all around Ireland to attend this day. Below is the results of each group showing their club or School that they are representing through the Scholarship.  



Shane Ryan (Sharkx Newbridge)          1         Robert Keogh (Portarlington S.C.)          0

Andrei Deaconescu (Terry Rogers)     1         Bye

Keith Murphy (Sharkx Newbridge)      1         Brandon Uzell (CBS Westland Row)        0

TJ Sweeney (Kildare Town Community School)  1   Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C.)   0

Shane Landers (Colaiste Chluan Meala)  1     Leon Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)        0

Tareek Payne ( CBS Westland Row)                 Bye

Matty Williams (Sharkx Newbridge)     1        Adrian Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)    0

Aaron Holland ( Joeys Dublin)                          Bye


Andrei Deaconescu                                    1          Shane Ryan

Keith Murphy                                               1          TJ Sweeney

Shane Landers                                              1          Tareek Payne

Matty Williams                                            1           Aaron Holland


Andrei Deaconescu                                   1         Keith Murphy

Shane Landers                                              1        Matty Williams


Andrei Deaconescu                                   1          Shane Landers  



Cian Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)     1         Laura Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)     0

Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                                Bye

John Finlay (Darndale N.S. Dublin)             Bye

Jamie Maloney (Portarlington S.C.)    1      Seamus McCullough (Ivy Rooms Carlow)   0

Tristan Graham (Cavan CYMS)                     Bye

Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)   1   Stephen Byrne N.S. Dublin)                            0

Emirjeta Doda (CBS Westland Row)     1     Tom Ryan (Ivy Rooms Carlow)                     0

William Tsang ( Sharkx Newbridge)            Bye


Sean O’Connor                                            1       Cian Costello                                                         0

Jamie Maloney                                           1       John Finlay                                                             0

Cameron Mullins                                       1      Tristan Graham                                                     0

Emirjeta Doda                                             1      William Tsang                                                       0


Sean O’Connor                                           1       Jamie Maloney                                                     0

Cameron Mullins                                       1      Emirjeta Doda                                                       0


Sean O’Connor                                           1      Cameron Mullins                                                 0