Saturday 14th December saw two junior teams of 5 players each battle it out for the Inter County Challenge organised by Stars Academy Ireland between Kildare and Laois. Sharkx Newbridge was the CSSGB exam venue for the event and a great days snooker was in store for all. The Kildare team of Leon Costello, Keith Murphy, Shane Ryan, Matty Williams and Cameron Mullins took on the Laois team of Joe La Cumbre, Matt Goeghegan, Danny La Cumbre, Jack Maloney and Conor McCarthy. The format for the days event was each player would play 4 frames and then break for lunch and after lunch they would continue with 2 frames and the team with the most frames would be declared the Inter County Champions 2013.

First 4 frames were decided as follows

Kildare                                              Laois

Leon Costello          2                    Joe La Cumbre               2

Keith Murphy         2                   Matt Geoghegan             2

Shane Ryan              2                   Danny La Cumbre          2

Matty Williams       3                  Jack Maloney                   1

Cameron Mullins    0                 Conor McCarthy             4

Laois Inter County Champions 2013


Laois Inter County Champions 2013

The Laois team were two frames in it going into the break and all was still to play for as the teams were very well on equal terms and it could have been two in it for Kildare as some 000-958 frames were down to a black ball decider. After the break Leon and Joe leveled their match and so did Keith and Matt and with Shane and Danny also level and Matty sharing his two frames with Jack meant that Cameron had to win both of his last two frames to bring the teams level but it was not to be with Conor taking the two very close frames gave Laois a 17 to 13 overall score to give them the title and Congratulations to the Laois team for their excellent play on the day.

Kildare Inter County Finalists 2013

Kildare Inter County Finalists 2013

Well done to the Kildare team who fought hard all the way. Thanks to Bernie and staff of Sharkx for again providing excellent facilities, thanks to Chris La Cumbre and all his young players and to his committee of the CY in Portarlington for their support and on behalf of myself and Stars Academy Ireland we wish them well and continued progress with the club and wish everyone a great Christmas and we look forward to a packed snooker calendar in 2014.