This week saw the Stars Academy Ireland commence the enormous task of breaking the Guinness World record for the largest snooker tournament. The current record has been in existence for a good number of years now and stands at 500 entries. We are hoping to break this by holding group tournaments throughout Ireland with the help of Schools and Colleges who have stepped up to the mark to support our effort and in doing so we are helping to promote junior snooker to a greater audience.
It is my intention to grow the sport within the School system and introduce tables to Schools willing to become Stars Academy members and tie in local clubs in their area to help support such an undertaking. We are appealing to anyone who might have a table or tables that they wish to donate to Stars Academy Ireland that we can put into Schools and in doing so we are creating a system and introducing the sport to more young people than ever before.
Monday 15th October saw our first group all the way from Clonmel in Co Tipperary arrive at the Ivy rooms to take part in this venture. The young students from Colaiste Chluain Meala were very impressed with the venue and are very interested to learn more about snooker and Charlie the principle is very keen to have his School involved and is interested in getting a table into the School.
The competition was great fun for everyone and towards the latter stages the tension was evident as there were only 4 places up for grabs to reach the finals later this year. The students that were knocked out of the snooker competition were treated to table tennis and pool while they waited. When the event finished, they all went to have lunch at the Dome and then on for an hour’s bowling.
They had an excellent day out and one to remember with their snooker experience. A big thank you to Marian and Jim for their support and very kind sponsorship and their willingness to help the sport of snooker holds no bounds. Thanks to the principle Charlie and teachers and students of Colaiste Chluain Meala for their support. It is great to see the young ladies taking part and we hope more will come forward and take up the sport. The students are a credit to their School and I wish them well for the future.
Congratulations to the 4 qualifiers, Shane Barry, Shane Launders, Dylan McGrath and Sean Cronin we will see them in the finals later on. A special word of thanks to Leona O’Connor who really brought about this and worked hard organizing all the students etc to help make the trip such a fun outing and success.

Brendan Ryan                1      Shannon French
Nathan Fogarty              1      Gavin Johnston Clarke
Blaine Hackett                1      Ethan Bayliss
Conor Barry                   1      Jamie Burke
Jordan Denn                   1      Gavin Kennedy
Shane Barry                    1      William Bryant
Adrian Regan                  1      Ben Diggins
Gary Last                        1     Andrew Hahessy
Jake Forristal                  1     Jack Doyle
Ryan Hammond              1     Dean Maher
David Carroll                  1     Michael Hutchinson
Tommy Roche                1      Jack Motherway
Evan Crotty                    1      James Hawkins
Brandon Smith                1      Jade Gill
Jamie McGrath                1     David Mullins
Shane Launders               1     Ben Nugent
Dylan McGrath                1     Shane Grant
Jake Murphy                   1     Corey Smith
Kyle O’Connor                1     Shauna Burke
Ronan O’Connor              1     Laura Regan
Anthony Hawkins             1     Leon O’Riordan
Leon Barry                       1     David Dee
Shane Caulfield                 1     Frankie Flynn
Selina Hallinan                  1     Adam Darcy
Sean Cronin                     1     Joseph Salicram
Kean Franey                    1     Justin Dowling
David O’Reilly                  1     Katie Farrell
Tom Turnbull                    1     Aidan Brannagan
Colm O’Donnell                1     John O’Reilly
Jerimiah Guiry                   1     Ned O’Reilly
Evan Forristal                    1    Natashia McInerney
Reno Roche                      Bye
Brendan Ryan                 1      Nathan Fogarty
Conor Barry                   1      Blaine Hackett
Shane Barry                    1      Jordan Denn
Gary Last                       1      Andrew Regan
Ryan Hammond              1     Jake Forrestal
Tommy Roche                1     David Carroll
Evan Crotty                    1     Brandon Smith
Shane Launders              1    Jamie McGrath
Dylan McGrath              1     Jake Murphy
Ronan O’Connor            1     Kyle O’Connor
Anthony Hawkins            1    Leon Barry
Shane Caulfield               1     Selina Hallihan
Sean Cronin                    1     Kean Franey
Tom Turnbull                   1     David O’Reilly
Colm O’Donnell               1     Jerimiah Guiry
Reno Roche                     1     Evan Forristal

Brendan Ryan                 1     Conor Barry
Shane Barry                    1     Gary Last
Tommy Roche                 1     Ryan Hammond
Shane Launders              1     Evan Crotty
Dylan McGrath               1     Ronan O’Connor
Shane Caulfield               1     Anthony Hawkins
Sean Cronin                    1    Tom Turnbull
Reno Roche                    1    Colm O’Donnell
Shane Barry                    1     Brendan Ryan
Shane Launders               1    Tommy Roche
Dylan McGrath                1    Shane Caulfield
Sean Cronin                     1    Reno Roche

Shane Barry
Shane Launders
Dylan McGrath
Sean Cronin