The CBS Westland row Dublin was our 7th group of young players that took part in the World record breaker. These young players already have a head start in the sport as they currently have two snooker tables in the school. Alan Bailey has pass4sure 00M-638 been promoting snooker within the school for a good number of years now and has seen at firsthand how important having tables at their disposal to encourage and introduce the sport to the young students. This is another great way to encourage interaction amongst the students along with bringing snooker to a much greater audience. Over the past few weeks as we have promoted the game amongst other schools, the awareness has grown and even though most of these young students have never played the game, they now know about it. In the schools that had no tables, students were not aware of the rules and in general did not know how to play the sport, but the students in the CBS Westland row have a great knowledge of the sport and everyone of them know how to play snooker, all because they have been introduced to it through the school and Alan Bailey. This is where we want the sport to go, into the schools and we are very happy that this is now being done. There pass4sure CTAL-TA_Syll2012 is a long road ahead but I have no doubt we will succeed in our efforts.
Thanks to Alan Bailey and all the teachers for their great support. Thanks to all the students for taking part and I wish them all the very best in the sport. Congratulations to the four qualifiers on the day Tarreek Payne,Brandon Uzell. Glen Roche and Jason O’Toole who will now play in the finals in Carlow later this year. Thanks to Tony Nolan and staff again for the use of the excellent facilities and we are happy that Tony now has two schools that are linked to his club.
Tarreek Payne          1     James Bray Duffy
Ryan Ellison              1     Patrick Corcoran
Daniel Locmelis         1     James Neville
Jordan Kerrigan         1     Colm O’Keeffe
Esmeraldi Doda         1     Ladislav Tkacik
Darragh Moran          1     Shaun Jameson
Alin Urziceanu            1     Kevin Hollywood
Jamie Wilson                    Bye
Tarreek Payne           1     Ryan Ellison
Jordan Kerrigan         1     Daniel Locmelis
John McDonald         1     Aaron Oglesby
Reese Morris             1     Josh Swaine
Aaron Payne             1     Charles Roche
Ciaran Sheridan         1     Dennis Coughalan
Lee Dowdall              1     Hasshim Gopee
Brandon Uzell            1     John Tauro
Glen Roche                1     Hatsim Choetsaksit
Chris Swaine              1     Constantine Rupanu
Nathan Batalla            1     Sean Byrne
Esmeraldi Doda          1     Shane Comerford
Jason O’Toole             1     Robert Connolly
Robert Dettorre           1     Luke Ryan White
Darragh Moran            1     Brad Rowe
Alin Urziceanu             1     Jamie Wilson
Tarreek Payne            1     Jordan Kerrigan
Reese Morris              1     John McDonald
Ciaran Sheridan          1     Aaron Payne
Brandon Uzell             1     Lee Dowdall
Glen Roche                 1     Chris Swaine
Esmeraldi Doda           1     Nathan Batalla
Jason O’Toole              1    Robert Dettorre
Alin Urziceanu              1    Darragh Moran
Tarreek Payne             1     Reese Morris
Brandon Uzell              1     Ciaran Sheridan
Glen Roche                  1     Esmeraldi Doda
Jason O’Toole              1     Alin Urziceanu
Tarreek Payne
Brandon Uzell
Glen Roche & Jason O’Toole