Fairview snooker club Dublin was the venue for group 6 of the Guinness World record breaker with great support from the CBS Fairview or otherwise known as Joeys. These group matches got underway on Wednesday 24th October. There was a hive of activity within the club during this event and with two places up for grabs to qualify through to the finals later in the year, the competitiveness of these young players was most evident. Thanks to Tony Nolan and staff of Fairview Snooker club for their support and providing excellent facilities on the day. A big thank you to Gerard Cullen, Barbra Farrell and all the teachers for their input and support. Thanks to all the students for their entry and they really enjoyed the day. Those that were knocked out of the competition were given time on the pool tables. Thanks also to Paddy and Larry of Stars Academy Ireland for their help throughout the day. Congratulations to the qualifiers Alfred Bencha and Dane Daly, we wish them the best of luck in the finals.
Alfred Bencha             1     Leonardo Diametera
Jordan Kenny              1     Graham Harrison
Sean Maloney              1     Gavin Connerton
Richard Kelly               1     Ian Maher
Adam Dempsey            1    Himesh Lutchmun
James Reyes                 1    Dylan Murphy
Caelan O’Meara           1     Enzo Patriarca
Ian Byrne                     1     Ciaran Nolan
Dane Daly                    1     Mark Doyle
Gareth Rogan              1     Dillon Ryan
Alfred Bencha              1     Jordan Kenny
Sean Maloney              1     Richard Kelly
Adam Dempsey           1     James Reyes
Mikey Reynolds           1     Craig English
Aidan McMahan          1     Sean Donnelly
Daniel Yeates               1     Thomas Murphy
Ian Byrne                     1     Caelan O’Meara
Dane Daly                    1     Gareth Rogan
Alfred Bencha              1     Sean Maloney
Mikey Reynolds           1     Adam Dempsey
Daniel Yeates               1     Aidan McMahan
Dane Daly                    1     Ian Byrne
Alfred Bencha              1     Mikey Reynolds
Dane Daly                    1     Daniel Yeates

Alfred Bencha
Dane Daly