The Ballinabranna National School Carlow is the 2nd group of young pupils to support the Guinness World record breaker this week. Their group games got underway on Tuesday 16th October at the Ivy Rooms. Again these young players were very enthuastic about learning the game and most of them said that they will come back again to play. Joe Dohney the School principle was delighted and said “Dan thank you for your invitation to participate in the Guinness World Record Event. The children enjoyed a wonderful day of activity and were given the opportunity to experience an introduction to snooker in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. They enjoyed their competition and the medals and are very excited about being part of this event. We also had great fun bowling in the dome. Many thanks to you and Marian for your kindness.”
The standard was very good for a lot of these young people never played snooker before and with some encouragement and coaching I am sure that they will continue to play the game and will take part in the Stars events next season. The young girls played well and two of them reached the quarter finals on the day, Amy Brophy and Shannon Young, well done to them. Congratulations to the eventual qualifiers Jack Doran, William Kelly,Andy Mulleney and Nathan Kelly. We wish them every success in the finals later in the year. A big thank you to Joe Dohney and Eddie for their help and support and the support of all the children and teachers of Ballinabranna. We hope to see some pupils take part in the upcoming School leagues. Thanks to Marian and Jim and staff of the Ivy rooms for providing first rate facilities for these events. Thanks to Shane Pollard of Magnium Events for his kind sponsorship of wrist bands during all of our groups now and until the completion of Guinness World record breaker.

Kuba Brzezinski            1      Emma Amond
Amy Brophy                 1      Emma Coffey
Patrick Proctor              1     Ciara Walsh
Shannon Young             1     Caitlin Watson

Amy Brophy                 1     Kuba Brezeinski
Kara Comerford           1     Dean Cullen
Anna Dohney                1     Evan Curran
Jack Doran                   1     Matthew Fitzgerald
Bryan Fitzharris             1     Emma Doyle
Jody Fitzpatrick             1    Lee Fitzgerald
William Kelly                 1    Hollie Gladney Brennan
Sam Hughes                  1    Elena Lacey
Nathan Kelly                 1    Jessica Lunney
Grace McDermott         1    Kelly Ann Lawlor
Shauna Murphy             1    Ellie McDonald
Ben McDonald              1    Stephanie Minion
Andy Mulleney              1    Daniel Mironenko
Cormac O’Hara             1    Ciara Murphy
Daniel Prager                 1    Daniel Pender
Shannon Young             1    Patrick Proctor
Amy Brophy                 1     Kara Comerfor
Jack Doran                   1     Anna Dohney
Bryan Fitzharris             1     Jody Fitzpatrick
William Kelly                1     Sam Hughes
Nathan Kelly                1     Grace McDermott
Ben McDonald             1     Shauna Murphy
Andy Mulleney             1     Cormac O’Hara
Shannon Young            1     Daniel Prager
Jack Doran                   1     Amy Brophy
William Kelly                1     Bryan Fitzharris
Nathan Kelly                1     Ben McDonald
Andy Mulleney             1     Shannon Young

Jack Doran
William Kelly
Nathan Kelly
Andy Mulleney