Tuesday 1st April saw the installation of a full size snooker table at St Laserians Special School in Carlow. The excitement from all the students was great and everyone is very interested in taking up the sport.642-746
Dan Carroll and Annette Newman from Stars Academy Ireland were on hand to formally welcome the School as a member of Stars Academy and Dan will give free coaching sessions during the months ahead to help the students play and enjoy the sport. We are now set to officially hold a National Special Needs Championship in September next another first for Stars Academy Ireland and a first for Irish Snooker.

St Laserians Group 3

Thanks to Sonia Gibbons the Principle for taking the table and thanks to Janette Fitzgerald for organising and keeping in contact during the past few months. John Hogan the woodwork teacher is very impressed with the table and is currently fixing up the room with a notice board and refurbishing the score board. Thanks to Larry O’Reilly the caretaker for his help in clearing the space and painting the room. With these great people at the School the sport of Snooker is very secure for the future and I would like to thank everyone involved and I look forward to coaching and helping out during the year. Thanks to Annette for her support and input.642-747

St Laserians Group 2