On Sunday 26th January Sharkx snooker club, Newbridge and the Ivy Rooms, Carlow had a inter club challenge at Sharks Newbridge. The Ivy Rooms team of Jordan Walker, Dylan Hurley, Sean O’Connor,Seamus McCullough, Seamus Anderson and Tom Ryan took on the Sharkx team of Reece Doyle, Matty Williams,Cian Costello, Cian Ryan, Alan Beale and Tony Coogan in the Challenge.

Sharkx RUp 2014

This team event saw some great snooker from all the players over their 5 frame matches. After the first 3 frame matches the Ivy Rooms were just ahead 10 frames to 8 with all still to play for after lunch. The final session with each player having to play 2 frames saw some good safety play from both teams. But the Ivy Rooms team kept up the pressure and came through winners by 19 frames to 11 on the day to take the Inter club team title.

Ivy Rooms Winners 2014

Congratulations to the Ivy Rooms on their win and to Sharkx for their fine performances on the day. Thanks to Bernie, Kamill and Joe of Sharkx for their help and support and providing the special of lunch and table time for everyone. Thanks also to the parents and mentors for their continued support and help towards the junior game.

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