World Snooker Coach and Chairman Dan Carroll of the newly reformed Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held a coaching day at the Ivy Rooms Carlow on Sunday 14th September for the new batch of lady players that have joined RILSA and the day was met with great success.  The resurgence of the Ladies Association has brought about some 200 new members, most of which will come through the Stars Academy Ireland School/College Initiative.  With a new calendar of events and a coaching programme in place, this, the largest ladies Association in the World has a bright future and we hope, will encourage more women and girls into the sport in the years ahead. Ladies Coaching Day 2014 Dan started with introducing the players to the rules of the sport and how to set up the snooker balls correctly. The area of technique was next, where each player was shown how to form the bridge and stance and the importance of lining up the shot and pushing the cue through on a straight line.  A brief introduction to practice routines and it was then down to the ladies to start playing the sport.  Annette Newman was on hand to help out, going through the shot selection and in general encouraging the new ladies to play and learn the rules. Portarlington Snooker Club had a number of ladies represented on the day and this is great news for the new Association that small clubs are doing their part in promoting the ladies sport.  The Schools and Colleges are now giving table time during the week to the girls who are interested in taking up snooker along with organising girls leagues to encourage competitive play.  The Stars Academy Ireland member clubs such as Portarlington are setting up a ladies league and making sure that these ladies have the same club facilities as the men do. We salute the clubs for their support and dedication to ladies snooker and we encourage more clubs around Ireland to get on board and do the same.  Thanks to Annette for her help throughout the day, all the women were very appreciative of her help and support.  Thanks to those ladies for coming along and they really enjoyed the few hours of coaching and support. We look forward to Saturday 27th September and our first RILSA National Snooker Championship in 10 years, to be held in Joey’s Snooker Club Dublin, Check in is 10.30am and the entry fee is Senior players €10 and €5 for juniors. RILSA membership is free and all you have to do is complete a membership form.  Dress code for the Championship is polo shirt/blouse and slacks/trousers (dark) and make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Any player under 21 years of age is considered a junior. Proof of age must be produced on the day of the Championship if ask by the Tournament Director.  So please bring along student card or copy of birth cert or copy of pass port.