On Tuesday 24th June 2014 at the Dolmen Hotel, Carlow the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association was reformed after a 10 year lull. Over the past 4 years Stars Academy Ireland have been very busy with developing the junior sport and promoting snooker within Schools & Colleges across Ireland.
With this development, the opportunity to promote and further develop the ladies sport arose out of the interest among the young girls within the Schools & Colleges and also from a number of interested lady players who felt that the time is right to expand and encourage more ladies into snooker.
Tuesday evening at the Dolmen Hotel a group of interested people got together for a meeting to reform the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association. Dan Carroll was on hand to give advice and introduce a plan and structure that would get the Association back up and running.
The new Constitution was discussed and accepted by all in attendance and a new committee formed. Guidelines and Rules & Regulations covering all aspects of the new Association were presented and accepted and approved by the incoming committee. The new structure will see a resurgence of the RILSA National Snooker Championship along with 4 ranking events. New events added were the National Primary School Ladies Championships, National School/College Ladies Championships, National Special Needs Ladies Championships and a National U/21 Ladies Snooker Championships. A coaching program will be set up to help all new lady members during the new season.
The new RILSA membership stands at 179 members all signed up to this new Association, probably the largest ladies snooker Association in the World. By the end of 2014 we will have in excess of 200 members. Scholarships through the School & College domain will be set up within the next 18 months and we will see a great number of lady players coming out from the Schools to take part in National events.
Stars Academy Ireland, Dublin Trophies and Joeys Snooker Club have secured sponsorship towards the first season of RILSA events. RILSA has the full support of Stars Academy Ireland and the Dublin Snooker Federation and these organisations wish RILSA the very best for the future.
We will be working closely with the World Ladies Billiards and Snooker Association to further develop the ladies sport.
New committee
Chairperson Dan Carroll, Secretary Leona O’Connor, Treasurer Annette Newman, President Margaret Browne, Vice Chairperson Ronan Deegan, Assistant Secretary Dan Carroll, Assistant Treasurer Collette Murphy, National Primary School Liaison Officer Sandra Bryan, National Secondary School/College Liaison Officer Leona O’Connor, National Special Needs Liaison Officer Aileen O’Brien, Committee Member Grace Jordan


Bllmullet Ladies 2

32 young ladies from Our Lady’s College in Belmullet Co Mayo signed up for membership of the new Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association. Dan Carroll and Annette Newman visited the College recently and gave the students an introduction to snooker along with some free coaching. These young ladies are really looking forward to playing come September.

Ballinabranna Ladies 2

21 Girls from Ballinabranna Primary School in Carlow signed up for RILSA membership. These young ladies are excited about playing the sport.

Glebe ladies 3

Dan and Annette visited the Glebe Primary School in Wicklow and 9 young girls signed up for membership of RILSA. The support of the Principal Sandra Bryan who is both a player and coach will really help these girls along with their snooker.


The CBS Westland Row Dublin are very much involved with the sport of snooker. They have 2 full size tables in the School over 12 years and are very much supportive of the new Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association and 8 ladies are signed up as members and are looking forward to playing in the events in the season ahead. The Principal Kate Byrne and teachers Alan Bailey, Karl and Vanessa are extremely positive and are only too delighted to get the ladies sport up and running.

Clonmel Ladies Group 2

Leona O’Connor our Secretary and National Secondary School/College Liaison Officer is promoting the ladies sport at Colaiste Chluan Meala Tipperary. A huge number of students have signed up for leagues and the 8 ladies are already playing and are looking forward to the new season. These have signed up as members of RILSA.

Ballon Lady Members 2014

13 Girls from Ballon Primary School in Carlow are members of RILSA and Dan Carroll will be visiting the School again in September to give coaching to get these young ladies ready for the National Primary School Ladies Championships 2014.

Hacketstown Class 1

Hacketstown Class 1

Hacketstown Class 2

Hacketstown Class 2
14 young girls from Hacketstown Primary School have joined RILSA recently. Dan and Annette visited the School and gave coaching and introduced these students to the sport of snooker. The Principal Gabriel Keane is very supportive and is looking forward to becoming more involved come the new School term in September.

Kilcullen N.S. Junior Lady Members

12 young ladies from Kilcullen Primary School Kildare joined RILSA recently. Ann Flanagan the Principal was impressed at the response of the students wanting to play snooker so Stars Academy Ireland supplied 2 fold up tables to this 600 strong student School.

Kildare Town Ladies Group 2

Dan and Annette visited Kildare Town Community College recently and signed up 5 young ladies interested in the sport. Tadgh O’Connor is the main man at the College helping to keep snooker going and has completed a league and will organise a league for the ladies come September.

St Laserians Ladies Group

St Laserians Special Needs School in Carlow received a visit from Dan and Annette and these 9 ladies who signed up to RILSA are very excited about the prospect of playing snooker for their School and County at the Special Needs Ladies Championships in October next. Thanks to Jeannette, John and the Principal Sonia Gibbons for their support.

Lady Members from St Marks Newbridge

11 ladies signed up to membership of RILSA at St Marks Special School, Newbridge Kildare and like the ladies from St Laserians are really excited to get playing competition. Aileen O’Brien one of the teachers from St Marks is our National Special Needs Liaison Officer and will help and support this initiative along with the School membership.

Lady Members from FCJ Bunclody

The 20 young ladies of FCJ Bunclody, Wexford are delighted to sign up to RILSA and are looking forward to competition and coaching this season. Brendan Daly the Deputy Principal is coordinator for the School and Frances Threadgold the Principal supports such initiatives.
Stars Academy Ireland in conjunction of RILSA will be signing up more members come September 2014 and along with the senior membership, we will have a 200 plus strong Association. Thanks to all the Schools and Colleges and teachers for their great help and support, it’s their positive approach and commitment that will help secure a bright future for snooker and the ladies sport for many years to come.

Ladies agm2 2014
Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association Executive Officers L-R President Margaret Browne, Treasurer Annette Newman, Chairperson Dan Carroll and Secretary Leona O’Connor.