On Saturday 1st March Dan Carroll paid a visit to Rathdowney CYMS in Laois. Dan was invited to hold a coaching day by Eddie Tracey of the club. The club is undergoing renovations at present and the excitement and enthusiasm of the young players was great. The club was full of young people, all eager to play snooker and receive some tips from Dan Carroll. It was great to see the young ladies taking part and very interested in playing the sport. The committee of the Rathdowney CYMS have a big task in renovations and are very positive about the club and its future as the local children and people get together in support of this amazing facility that will encourage the youngsters to take part in the sport of snooker and billiards. The club boosts 2 full size snooker tables and a pool table and from Monday to Saturday evenings the club is full of its young members playing snooker. The local Spar shop has sponsored vouchers for the competitions and its all very much appreciated by the club committee.

Rathdowney Group 1

We in Stars Academy Ireland welcome the Rathdowney CYMS as part of our organisation and we look forward to working with them and support them in their endeavours and wish them every success in the future. The Chairman Tony was very pleased with the visit and I look forward to going back there again soon, it was a great day for me to see at first hand the commitment of everyone and this kind of work and volunteering is going on around Ireland. It certainly makes for a bright future for the sport we love.

Rathdowney Group 2

Billiards is being introduced to these young people and we are very interested in holding a National junior tournament next year for these young up and coming Billiard players. It great to see this sport being supported and developed among the youth of today.

Rathdowney Group 4

All the players were assessed on their technique and given routines to practice and alternative competitions were given to help their development. The emphasis was on enjoyment and having fun. They all enjoyed the coaching and are looking forward to the next bout.

Rathdowney Group 5

Thanks to Eddie for inviting me and to Tony and Anthony for their support on the day. Thanks to all the young players for their attention and I wish them the very best with their snooker.

Rathdowney Main Group