Aaron Holland last years U/16 Champion took the U/17 title at Joeys recently in style as he battled through to the final beating Cameron Mullins, Tom Ryan, Keith Murphy and U/16 Winner Andrei Deaconescu. The other half of the draw saw Reece Doyle race to the final beating Sean McDermott, Banndon Uzell, James Bray Duffy and Alan Payne for his first stars final.642-741
The 30 players taking part had a great days snooker and they really enjoyed their time at the event. The plate title went to Glen Roche of the CBS beating Leon Costello from Sharkx in a black ball finish in the 3rd frame.

U16 & U17 Group 2014

The U/17 Final was tense at the start but soon both players were giving their all. Aaron Holland won the first with breaks of 21 and 30. In the second Reece Doyle struck back to take the lead but unfortunately let Aaron in to clear on the colours and take the U/17 Title. Congrats to Aaron on his win and to Reece on a great performance. Thanks to everyone for their support and to Annette and Larry for their much appreciated help and encouragement towards the junior game. Thanks to Alan Bailey of the CBS with their entry of 12 players and to all the players we say thanks. Again Derek Fagan and staff were great providing excellent playing conditions and for their great support towards junior snooker.642-742

U17 Final 2014


Aaron Holland (Joey’s)               2     Cameron Mullins (Sharkx)                  0

Tom Ryan ( Carlow)                     2    Aaron Payne (CBS)                                  0

Patrick Corcoran (CBS)              2    Jordan Crowe (Sharkx)                          0

Keith Murphy (Sharkx)              2    Michael McCluskey (CBS)                    1

Andrei Deaconescu (Fairview) 2  Eoghan Connolly (CBS)                           1

Dylan O’Connell (Joey’s)           2    Ciaran Sheridan (CBS)                             0

Tareek Payne (CBS)                    2   Sean O’Toole (Joey’s)                               0

Darragh Cusack (Sutton)                 Bye

Leon Costello (Sharkx)             2    Glen Roche (CBS)                                      0

Alan Payne (CBS)                        2    Joshua Bates (Portarlington)                0

Nathan Ward (CBS)                    2    Cian Costello (Sharkx)                            0

Josh Duffy (Fairview)                2    Matty Williams (Sharkx)                       0

James Bray Duffy (CBS)           2   Alan Beale (Sharkx)                                 0

Ryan Ellison (CBS)                            Bye

Brandon Uzell (CBS)                2    Adam O’Shea (Sharkx)                            0

Reece Doyle (Sharkx)              2    Sean McDermott (Joey’s)                      0


Aaron Holland                         2      Tom Ryan                                                 0

Keith Murphy                           2      Patrick Corcoran                                   0

Andrei Deaconescu                2     Dylan O’Connell                                      0

Darragh Cusack                        2     Tareek Payne                                          0

Alan Payne                                2     Leon Costello                                             0

Josh Duffy                                 2     Nathan Ward                                             1

James Bray Duffy                   2     Ryan Ellison                                              0

Reece Doyle                             2     Brandon Uzell                                           0


Aaron Holland                         2    Keith Murphy                                            1

Andrei Deaconescu                2   Darragh Cusack                                         1

Alan Payne                                2    Josh Duffy                                                  1

Reece Doyle                              2    James Bray Duffy                                   0


Aaron Holland                        2    Andrei Deaconescu                                0

Reece Doyle                            2    Alan Payne                                                  0


Aaron Holland                      2     Reece Doyle                                               0



Aaron Holland            21, 30, 36

Andrei Deaconescu  22, 38

Reece Doyle                 21, 26

Darragh Cusack          20, 28