Tuesday 11th November 2014 will go down in history for the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association as the first ever Under 21 Ladies Snooker Championship got under way at the Ivy Rooms Carlow.  A field of 18 young players all representing RILSA and their Schools in Carlow, Tipperary and Dublin took to the green baize in the Ivy Rooms as they battled it out to become Ireland’s first Ladies U/21 Snooker Champion.

Leona Dan Emirjeta & Annette

The top half of the draw saw Ireland’s current number 4 ranked player, Emirjeta Doda from the CBS Westland Row win her matches through to the final, beating along the way, Niamh Byrne (Ballinabranna Carlow), Mollie Comerford ( Ballinabranna Carlow), Kayleigh Bracken from Hacketstown Carlow in the Quarters and Faye Jameson CBS Westland Row, Dublin in the semis.

Emirjeta & Laura FinalAlan & Group

The bottom half of the draw Laura Regan from Colaiste Chluan Meala in Tipperary and our current  RILSA Intermediate number 1 ranked player, win all her matches to meet Emirjeta Doda in the final, beating along the way, Holly Twamley (Hacketstown Carlow), Roisin Lowery (Ballinabranna Carlow), Caitlin Tucker  CBS Westland Row, Dublin in the Quarters and Englentina Doda from the CBS Westland Row in the semis.

Englentina & LauraEmirjeta & Faye

The final was a tense affair as both players started with a bout of safety and Laura pulled ahead, but Emirjeta upped her game and kept the pressure on to finally take brown to pink to take the title of RILSA U/21 Ladies Snooker Champion.  Congratulations to Emirjeta on her excellent win and to Laura for a fine performance.

Shannon & Niamh

In the plate competition, Niamh Byrne beat Shannon Dermody both from Ballinabranna Carlow.  Congratulations to Niamh on her win and to Shannon for a great performance.  All the players had a great days snooker at the Ivy Rooms and are all looking forward to taking part in the next RILSA ranking event the Stars Academy Ladies Masters in Carlow on Saturday 22nd November next.

Medal Group 2RILSA U21 GROUP 3

A big thank you to Alan Bailey (CBS Westland Row Dublin), Leona O’Connor (RILSA Secretary), Annette Newman (RILSA Treasurer), Joe Doheny (Ballinabranna N.S.), Gabriel Keane (Hacketstown N.S.), Crystal, Eddie and everyone of the players for supporting and making history at the Ivy Rooms.  We have gone from strength to strength since our AGM back in June, to date 41 ladies have taken part in RILSA events and we will certainly break the 50 mark by the end of 2014, bringing more women into the sport than ever before for this small Nation of ours.  We are extremely proud of our efforts and we will continue to build this Association into the future and its foundations through the School and College Initiatives by Stars Academy Ireland is now beginning to pay off for all the hard work over the past 5 years.

Laura & Leona

Thanks to Marian and staff of the Ivy Rooms for as usual providing excellent facilities on the day and we look forward to going back on Saturday 22nd November.  In the meantime, Ballinabranna N.S. Carlow are starting a ladies league during the weeks ahead and we have 12 girls taking part.  On Friday evenings at the Ivy Rooms, Dan Carroll will be running a ladies league , this will certainly help them improve and keep the interest among these young girls.


Anyone wishing to take part in the upcoming RILSA ranking at the Ivy Rooms on Saturday 22nd November, must either text or call Dan Carroll on 0857373305 giving their details on or before Friday 21st November by 8pm or you can email Dan on dancarroll147@gmail.com.  Senior players over 21 €10 and under 21 €5 entry fee includes entry for all prelim and first round knocked out players into the Intermediate ranking competition.  Dress code is dark trousers/slacks or black leggings with polo shirt or blouse and comfortable shoes.  Check in between 10.45am for 11am start.


Emirjeta Doda (CBS Westland Row)            1     Niamh Byrne (Ballinabranna)               0

Laura Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)         1     Holly Twamley (Hacketstown)              0


Emirjeta Doda (CBS Westland Row)             1     Mollie Comerford (Ballinabranna)       0

Kayleigh Bracken (Hacketstown)                   1    Shannon Dermody (Ballinabranna)     0

Faye Jameson (CBS Westland Row)              1    Aisling Morrissey (Colaiste Chluan Meala)  0

Lauren McGrath (Hacketstown)                     1    Ellie Mulleney (Ballinabranna)              0

Englentina Doda (CBS Westland Row)         1    Amanda Walsh (Ballinabranna)           0

Rachel Doran (Ballinabranna)                       1    Megan King (Hacketstown)                    0

Caitlin Tucker (CBS Westland Row)              1    Orla Fitzpatrick (Balinabranna)            0


Emirjeta Doda                                                      1    Kayleigh Bracken                                        0

Faye Jameson                                                      1    Lauren McGrath                                          0

Englentina Doda                                                 1    Rachel Doran                                               0

Laura Regan                                                         1    Caitlin Tucker                                              0


Emirjeta Doda                                                      1    Faye Jameson                                              0

Laura Regan                                                         1    Englentina Doda                                        0


Emirjeta Doda                                                      1    Laura Regan                                                0



Shannon Dermody                                             1    Mollie Comerford                                       0

Niamh Byrne                                                        1    Ellie Mulleney                                             0


Niamh Byrne                                                       1    Shannon Dermody                                     0