Dublin Snooker Federation Cup Event 2013


The Dublin Snooker Federation Team Cup was held over the last few weeks with the final being staged at Sportslink Snooker club. The Quarters and Semi finals were played in Joeys Snooker club and the teams really enjoyed the event. A frame handicap was introduced and depending on your end of season league table place your team handicap was allotted. In the quarters Sportslink B and Mountjoy had a close match with Sportslink B having a 3 frame start against League Champions Mountjoy. Stephen McAdam took the first frame for Sportslink B going 4 nil in front, but Steve Patten took frame 2. The next match between Joe Roche (Mountjoy) and Kevin Lyons (Sportslink B) was shared giving Sportslink B a 5 – 2 lead and only needing two more frames, but Mountjoy were in good form with Paul Sheedy taking the next two from Joe Lyons now closing the gap to 5-4 in favor of Sportslink B. Once the first round of all 3 players having played 2 frames each, it all started again in that order with each game now only one frame until the first team reached 7. Steve Patten took the next for Mountjoy to level the match 5-5 Joe Roche took the next to now go within one frame of going into the semis however Joe Lyons again brought the teams level at 6-6 with Steve Patten and Stephen McAdam now down to the final frame. Steve Patten took it on the colours to give Monutjoy a semi final place. Griffith A and Joeys also went down to the wire, with Joeys having a 5 frame start and only requiring two frames against league runners up Griffith A , it was a tense match. Thomas Hand (Griffith A) leveled his game against Derek Fagan (Joeys) to give them a 6-1 lead, however Daragh Hackett and Dan Carroll took their matches 2 nil each and then Thomas Hand took his next frame to bring the match level at 6-6, however Derek Walsh of Joeys and Daragh Hackett of Griffith A had a very close decider with Derek taking on a long difficult blue and a great pot on the pink to give Joeys a place in the semis. Sportslink A were giving a bye into the semis. Westbury and Griffith B both with a 4 frame start had a short match with Ronan Deegan (Griffith B) taking the first two frames from Dave Seales (Westbury) giving Griffith B a 6-4 lead, Gary Seales took his first frame but could not hold back Dean Pearson of Griffith B in taking the next to give them a semifinal place.

In the Semis Mountjoy were unstoppable with 7 frames to win against Joeys and with Joeys having a 5 frame start it was a great match, Steve Patten, Anthony Clifford and Joe Roche all took the first two frames each from Joeys, Derek Fagan, Virgil Fagan and Derek Walsh and now the pressure was on for Joeys but they could not hold out to the strong Mountjoy team and they went into the final 7-6. Sportslink A with a 3 frame start and Griffith B with a 4 frame start was all set to be a close match. Ronan Deegan (Griffith B) put the pressure on Sportslink A right from the start beating Mark Matthews to give them a 6-3 lead, Jimmy Howard (Griffith B) took the first frame against Sean Madden (Sportslink A) to help secure the Griffith B team a meeting against Mountjoy in the final.

Griffith B now had a good advantage going up against Mountjoy with a 4 frame start, however Ronan Deegan took the first two frames on the black against Anthony Clifford making it 6-0. Steve Patten won his two frames against Eugene Boylan to get back into the match with Griffith B now 4 frames in the lead at 6-2 it was up to Joe Roche now to put on the pressure and he started well taking the first closing the gap to 6-3 but Dean Pearson took on everything in the second and won the frame giving Griffith B their second Cup title in twelve years. Congratulations to Griffith B on their win and to Mountjoy for a fine performance. Thanks to all the teams and Joeys and Sportslink for hosting the event.