The 33rd Stars of the future U/16 event took place recently at Joeys Dublin. With a good entry of 27 meant for a great days competition. In the top half of the draw Andrei Deconescu from the Terry Rogers club in Dublin went through to the final without dropping a frame, with 2 nil wins over Brandon Uzell, Ciaran Sheridan, Reece Doyle and Josh Duffy in the semis was a great achievement for this young player. The bottom half of the draw saw Darragh Cusack  also in fine form reaching the final again with 2 nil wins over Matty Williams, Cameron Mullins, James Bray Duffy and Tareek Payne in the semis to set up a great final with Andrei.

U16 & U17 Group 2014

The final itself saw quick fire frames with Andrei taking the first and Darragh came back to level the match 1-1. The 3rd frame was tactical for the most part, but Andrei was given chances by Darragh which he took to win and secure him the title of Stars Academy Ireland U/16 Champion for 2014.

U16 Final 2014

Congratulations to Andrei on his win and to Darragh Cusack on his fine performance. Thanks to Annette and Larry for their help throughout the day and thanks to Derek Fagan and Derek Walsh for providing as always great playing conditions.



Reece Doyle (Sharkx)                   2     Michael McCluskey (CBS)         1

Glen Roche (CBS)                                   Bye

Ciaran Sheridan (CBS)                 2     Joshua Bates (Portarlington)     0

Andrei Deaconscu (Fairview)   2     Brandon Uzell (CBS)                      0

Josh Duffy (Fairview)                  2     Cian Costello (Sharkx)                  0

Ryan Ellison (CBS)                               Bye

Dylan O’Connell (Joey’s)            2     Adam O’Shea (Sharkx)                 0

Aaron Payne (CBS)                              Bye

Keith Murphy (Sharkx)               2    Sean O’Toole (Joey’s)                   0

Alan Beale (Sharkx)                             Bye

Tareek Payne (CBS)                    2     Sean McDermott (Joey’s)           0

Patrick Corcoran (CBS)                    Bye

James Bray Duffy (CBS)            2    Jordan Crowe (Sharkx)                1

Tom Ryan ( Carlow)                           Bye

Cameron Mullins (Sharkx)             Bye

Darragh Cusack (Sutton)         2    Matty Williams (Sharkx)             0


Reece Doyle                                 2     Glen Roche                                     0

Andrei Deaconescu                   2     Ciaran Sheridan                            0

Josh Duffy                                    2     Ryan Ellison                                    0

Dylan O’Connell                         2     Aaron Payne                                   0

Keith Murphy                             2    Alan Beale                                         0

Tareek Payne                             2    Patrick Corcoran                           0

James Bray Duffy                     2    Tom Ryan                                         1

Darragh Cusack                         2    Cameron Mullins                          0


Andrei Deaconescu                2     Reece Doyle                                   0

Josh Duffy                                  2     Dylan O’Connell                           1

Tareek Payne                            2     Keith Murphy                               1

Darragh Cusack                        2    James Bray Duffy                         0


Andrei Deaconescu                 2    Josh Duffy                                      0

Darragh Cusack                         2    Tareek Payne                                0


Andrei Deaconescu                2     Darragh Cusack                            1


High Breaks

Reece Doyle        20, 26, 29

Josh Duffy            23,

Darragh Cusack   22, 30

Andrei Deaconescu   21, 26, 31