Saturday 30th August 2014 saw our latest Professional Snooker player, Dave Morris support Stars Academy Ireland Scholarship day at the Ivy Rooms Carlow.  World Snooker Coach and Stars Academy Ireland Organiser Dan Carroll introduced Dave Morris to the students and families and friends present.  Dave is currently on the Pro Tour and is making his mark among the sports top players.  Dave spent a few hours of his time going from table to table during the day giving tips and answering questions from the students.  He was amazed and honoured to be involved with this venture and will continue to support and help in the future. Scholarship with Dave Morris 2

The students were very impressed with Dave and his approach and dedication to the sport and his practice and positive mind set.  Thanks to Dave for his help and support on the day, all the students and those present were delighted to meet Dave and it will give these young students food for thought as they progress in their own ability and work ethic during their year long Scholarship. Practice Routines

Thanks to Marian and staff of the Ivy Rooms for providing excellent facilities and to everyone for their support.  We will be holding an extra Scholarship day on Saturday 20th September in the Ivy Rooms Carlow commencing at 12pm. Practice Routines 2