Darndale N.S. in Dublin recently got 4 new 6×3 fold up snooker tables from Stars Academy Ireland.  The students and teachers are delighted with these and Dan Carroll was on hand to give some coaching and introduce the sport to a number of young 7 and 8 year old’s.  ” I know that this is the right age to get started and a lot can be learned at this stage” said Dan.  Breda Murray the principal of Darndale has seen the benefit of having snooker in the School over the past year, as the sport gives these young players an opportunity to hone their skills and it helps with hand and eye coordination technique.  Ruth B McMahon is the coordinator for this project at the School and is doing great work, organising and encouraging the students to play.  Thanks to Breda and Ruth for their support and hard work.

Darndale Group

Over the coming weeks Dan will be giving coaching and advice to these young players and starting a School junior league in 2015.