World Snooker Coach and Stars Academy Ireland Organiser Dan Carroll held coaching lessons and ran a Junior Snooker League over an 8 week period at Darndale National School in Dublin recently. The fold up snooker tables were in full flow during the weeks of coaching and league matches among these up and coming 6 to 7 year old players. This was the first time these youngsters played snooker and by week 8 they all had great knowledge of the rules and developed their technique. They quickly learned how to add up the scores using the score boards which in turn helped them with their maths. Dan provided the players with snooker add cards in order to help them with adding the scores quickly.

Ryan Marron 1

These fold up tables are great to introduce youngsters to the sport and over the next year or so Stars Academy Ireland will have over 100 Primary Schools throughout Ireland taking tables. This is going to be the biggest promotion of the sport ever, here in Ireland and at grass root level. We will be looking at in the region of introducing Snooker to 50,000 youngsters through our efforts. All this is being done on purely the kindness of people donating tables and the support of Stars Academy Ireland committee and various friends and supporters along with the great help and support of all the Principles and teachers involved. No funding has been given to date everything is done voluntary and its amazing what can be achieved by people who genuinely care and support these ideas and dreams and help make these come true.

Dylan winner junior league 1ShaneSean

Watch this site for all the information and progress during the weeks and months ahead. This junior league was played in good sportsmanship and fun throughout among these young players. They all started their matches with shaking hands and likewise after the match was over. Dylan Baker Doran won all his matches to become the Junior Champion followed closely by Ryan Marron and Callum Fee took third spot. The remaining players are Daniel Bonnel Kennedy, Callum Byrne, Sean Burke, Calvin Burke and Shane Byrne. Congratulations to Dylan on his win and to everyone else who played and took part with such great enthusiasm and fun along the way.

Darndale Group with medals 2014

Thanks to Breda Murray the Principle for first of all taking on the sport of Snooker at the School and for her great help and support. Thanks also to Ruth and Harry for their great support and to all the staff for their warm welcome and help during the 8 weeks I attended the School. I will keep in touch and provide any help and support I can in order to keep this great game alive and well at Darndale National School.

Callum Fee 2calvin