On Monday 3rd March, Dan Carroll and Annette Newman of Stars Academy Ireland paid a visit to our member School FCJ Bunclody. They were met and welcomed by Brendan Daly. A number of Students of the School were in attendance to receive some helpful tips from Dan Carroll. Each session Dan gave the students some routines and looked at their technique along with a brief on Sports Psychology. Annette was on hand to help out and especially to encourage the young lady players that are emerging from the School.

FCJ Ladies Group

With the first U/16 National School & College Snooker Championship just around the corner the student players are ready to have a go at taking the title back to the School. The table is used every lunch hour and the interest is growing among the students.

FCJ Group 1

Once the Championships start the amount of students trying out the sport will certainly grow among the 760 strong School students and each one of them have become Stars Academy Ireland members. Awareness of the sport of snooker is so important and to have a table within the School will only give all these students the opportunity to try out the game.

FCJ Group 2

Thanks to Brendan and all the students along with the Principle Francis Threadgold and teachers for their much appreciated support and dedication to the sport of snooker. We look forward to next Tuesday the 11th March in the Ivy Rooms Carlow for our first School & College Snooker Championships.

FCJ Group 3