On Saturday 15th March Dan Carroll World Snooker Coach was invited to give coaching lessons at the CYMS in Cavan Town by Paddy O’Reilly. Dan and Annette Newman were welcomed by Paddy and the Chairman Enda Corr to Cavan and especially to the CYMS Club. On arrival it was a sure sign that the people involved here had worked extremely hard and provided such an excellent facility in the Town to help the youth and its a credit to Paddy, Enda and the committee for the work they do every day to support and help young snooker players.Office 2010 プロダクトキー

Coaching Cavan 3 2014

The club boosts 3 full size snooker tables, only recently covered and are kept in pristine condition. There is a computer room facility with six computers to help people tackle with the modern day to day emails and websites. The wall of the club has some great memories of days gone past and the history is all around for all to see.

Coaching Cavan 2 2014

Plaques dorn the walls also depicting the names of the club members over the years and a cabinet which hold more photos and silver cups and awards that the club has accrued over many years.

Coaching Cavan 2014

Dan Carroll gave the young players some food for thought with practical Psychology demonstrations and a the importance of table time and purposeful practice. Annette Newman was on hand to help out give advice to the young players in the CYMS club. We will visit again soon and thanks very much for the hospitality and friendliness of everyone we met throughout the day. Thanks to Paddy and Enda, we wish them and the club every success and now that they are Stars Academy Ireland members, we will do our best to help and support them in their future endeavours.
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