Dan Carroll and Aidan Murray visited St Marks Special School in Newbridge to give some coaching to the students in order to get them up to speed with their School league commencing in March next and to help prepare them for the inaugural Special Needs National Snooker Championships in September. Annette Newman our Secretary and Ladies Coach was in attendance to encourage the young ladies to take up the sport and we are delighted that a ladies league will also go ahead in the Months ahead.

St Marks Coaching1 2014

Aidan Murray is very enthusiastic about promoting the sport in the Special Needs area and will from time to time make himself available to the School free of charge to help these young people develop snooker skills and also show them skills in Billiards. We in Stars Academy Ireland and the Schools very much appreciate everything Aidan is doing to help promote the cue sports and he has our full support.

Coaching at St Marks

The students were given demonstrations on setting up the table by Dan Carroll and talked to each student explaining some of the rules. Aidan showed the students how to make the bridge hand and had them playing shots and the importance of lining up the balls in order to pot the objective ball. Dan showed them alternative fun routines to help them enjoy just playing on the table.

Coaching at St Marks 2

Over the coming months we hope to have all the students familiar with the basic rules and that they can compete in the competitions being organised. We believe that in time that the Special Olympics might consider the sport. We will be making representations in the coming years to maybe someday this would be the case. Thanks to all the students and Aileen and Paul for their support and thanks to Aidan and Annette for their much appreciated help and continued support towards our efforts.