The first Battle of Clontarf Snooker Tournament got under way in Joeys Snooker Club, Dublin recently and was met with great success.  This event is part of the 1000 year celebrations of the Battle of Clontarf  and we now have a new event that will continue at Joeys each year and we hope that it will get stronger in the years ahead.  This event was held over two days and day one saw the group stages play out over four sessions.  16 groups, with the winner of each going through to day two, while the remaining players were invited to take part in a plate event and given free table time.  Group 1 saw Annette Newman come through after a play off against Gary Seales. Tony McGuinness had to play good snooker against Dave Seales in Group 2 to qualify. In Group 3 Ronan Deegan was in fine form to give him a place in the last 16 winning all his group matches 2 nil.  Gerry Healy took Group 4 with convincing wins over Adam Marsh, and Mark Wilson.  Group 5 saw young TJ Sweeney from Kildare qualify after a play off against Keith Dowling.  Kristian Hayes took the qualifying spot from Group 6 firing in a 49 break along the way.  In Group 7 Leon Costello qualified winning all his matches 2 nil. Group 8 saw Stephen McSherry take on Fran Lanigan in a play off to qualify to day 2. Matty Williams qualified comfortably winning all his Group 9 matches 2 nil.  Andrei Deaconescu had a play off against Shane Landers from Tipperary in Group 10 to take him through to the last 16.  Darragh Cusack was playing great snooker in Group 11 and had a break of 54 along the way to take him through.  In Group 12 Mick Walsh had to take on Keith Murphy in a play off and won it on a black ball to qualify.  Group 13 saw Paddy Glynn come through after some long matches.  Luke McLoughlin was the winner of Group 14 and Pat Holmes took Group 15 with Pat Cowap completing the last 16 qualifiers winning through Group 16.

Session 1

Day two and the last 16 matches got under way.  Tony McGuinness went into the quarters winning his match against Annette Newman 2 nil.  Ronan Deegan beat Gerry Healy 2 nil to go through. Kristian Hayes was too strong against TJ Sweeney and won 2 nil in their match.  Stephen McSherry was in fine form against Leon Costello and with a break of 33 took him through 2 nil. Andrei Deaconescu played very well to beat Matty Williams 2 nil in their encounter. Darragh Cusack continued his good form with breaks of 23 and 34 against Mick Walsh to go through to the quarters.  Paddy Glynn had a close match against Luke McLoughlin to eventually win 2-1 and to complete the quarter final line up Pat Holmes beat Pat Cowap 2 nil.

Session 2

In the quarters, Ronan Deegan had a good win over Tony McGuinness for a place in the Semis.  Kristian Hayes played very well against Stephen McSherry to win 2 nil.  Andrei Deaconescu started with a 24 break but Darragh Cusack got back into the zone and won through 2 nil and Pat Holmes completed the semi final line up with a good 2 nil win over Paddy Glynn.

Session 3

Kristian hayes started well taking the first frame but Ronan Deegan came back with a good 38 to level their semi final match, however Kristian played well in frame 3 to take him through to the final. On the other table Darragh Cusack kept to his form and won a good match 2 -1 against Pat Holmes to meet Kristian in the final.

Session 4

The final  started well for Kristian taking the first on the pink.  Darragh played great in the next two frames to go 2-1 up in this best of 5 final. The fourth frame saw some great snooker from both players but in the end Darragh came through the stronger to take it and the first title of Battle of Clontarf Champion 2014.  Congratulations to Darragh on his win and to Kristian on his fine performance over the two days. Thanks to all the players for their support and help make this event a great success.

Last 16

The Plate final was contested by Adam Marsh and Tony Frier and this match went all the way down to a black ball in the 3rd frame, with Tony potting it to take the plate title. Congrats to Tony on his win and to Adam for playing great snooker.

Final 2014

Thanks to Joe Lyons for refereeing the final and to Annette Newman on helping with the score.  Thanks to Dennis McIntyre from Clontarf Tourism for his kind sponsorship of their Memorial Medallions to the winner of both events and to the High Break winner Darragh Cusack.  Thanks to Alison McDonnell of Dublin Trophies for supplying excellent glass trophies at reduced cost for the event.


A big thank you to Derek Fagan of Joeys and his staff, Derek ,Gavin,Keith for providing excellent facilities over the weekend and keeping everyone supplied with teas and coffee etc.  Derek Fagan has put a lot of hard work into the club and his support and dedication to the sport is immense.