The Dublin Snooker Federation held its play off competition in Joeys recently. Players were selected from the end of season rankings. The number 1 Thomas Hand & 2 Anthony Clifford on the ranking automatically made the team. The next 3 players were seeded into groups, Mark Matthews group 1, Dave Seales group 2 and Ronan Deegan group 3. The winners from each group would make the team while the runner up of each group would become subs. Group 1 was made up of Mark Matthews, Joe Roche, Daragh Hackett and Paddy Fagan. Daragh Hackett was in fine form winning all his group matches to make the team while Mark Matthews the seed was unfortunate to loose to Joe Roche and Paddy Fagan. It was Joe Roche who came out the runner uop in the group to make first sub for the team.


Group 2 was made up of Dave Seales, Eugene Boylan, Gary Seales and Annette Newman. Dave won his first two matches and was looking good but Annette Newman was playing very well and won her two matches to level with Dave. The final match between Dave and Annette was tense going down to the black ball, which Dave potted to give him his place on the team and Annette secured the number 2 sub spot.


Group 3 of Ronan Deegan, Steve Patten, Gavin Morgan and Derek Walsh saw Ronan take all three matches to secure him a team place and the runner up spot went down to the last match between Steve Patten and Derek Walsh. Derek potted some great long pots on the final blue to pink and black to secure him the third sub place.

Thanks to Derek Fagan and staff of Joeys for providing excellent facilities and congratulations to all our qualifiers on the night.


The Team for the All Ireland Club Championship Qualifier is

1. Thomas Hand

2. Anthony Clifford

3. Daragh Hackett

4. Dave Seales (Team Captain)

5. Ronan Deegan

6. Joe Roche (Sub 1)

7. Annette Newman (Sub 2)

8. Derek Walsh (Sub 3)

Remaining players in the event of subs and players not available on the day are as follows

1. Steve Patten

2. Gary Seales

3. Mark Matthews

4. Paddy Fagan