Saturday 22nd February saw the 33rd Stars of the future U/15 event take place in Joeys S.C. Dublin. A great turnout for this event and the standard of play was excellent. The top half of the draw saw the ever improving Dylan O’Connell from Joeys reach the quarters with wins over Patrick Corcoran of the CBS, Jack Maloney of Portarlington. Corey Ramsbottom from Carlow was also in great form going through to meet Dylan in the quarters with wins over Triston Murphy from the CBS, Sean O’Toole of Joeys and Cian Costello from Sharkx in Newbridge. The other two quarterfinalists in the top half of the draw was Michael McCluskey from the CBS with wins over Sean McDermott and Aaron Oglesby, and Robbie Keogh from Portarlington had good wins over Cian Ryan of Sharkx, Keith Murphy also from Sharkx.

Stars U15 FINAL

In the bottom half the 4 quarter finalists were Dylan Keightley from Carlow taking wins from Ryan Ellison of the CBS and stable mate Jordan McCarthy. Young Joe La Cumbre from Portarlington and the current U/12 & U/13 Stars champion had good wins over Josh Swaine and Tareek Payne both from the CBS. Shane Ryan from Sharkx reached the quarters beating Joshua Bates from Portarlington. The final player to make it to the quarters was Glen Roche from the CBS beating Darragh Fulham from Portarlington, James Bray Duffy of the CBS.

Corey Ramsbottom was put to the test against Dylan O’Connell but made it through 2-0, Robbie Keogh had a close match against Michael McCluskey but won 2-1. Dylan Keightley and Shane Ryan both won their matches 2-0 against Joe La Cumbre and Glen Roche respectively to complete the semifinal line up. Corey was firing in small consistent breaks of 15s to 20s against Robbie Keogh to reach the final, while Shane Ryan had a fight on his hand against Dylan Keightley, but Dylan held his nerve and took tha last frame on the colours for a meeting with Corey in the final. The final was close but Corey kept putting on the pressure and took the U/15 title adding it to his collection of Stars titles beating Dylan 2-0.

Stars U14 & U15 2014 GROUP

The Plate event went to James Bray Duffy of the CBS winning his match 2-0 against Sean O’Toole from Joeys. Congratulations to Corey on his win and to Dylan on his great performance. Congrats to James Bray Duffy on his plate win and to Sean O’Tool for reaching the plate final. Thanks to Derek Fagan for his much appreciated help and support towards the junior game. Thanks to Larry and Annette for refereeing the final and helping out during the day. Thanks to all the players and to Chris La Cumbre the Chairman of the Portarlington Snooker Club for their support and to Alan Bailey of the CBS for his continued support and dedication to promoting junior snooker. A big thank you to every parent, grand parent and mentors for all their help and support on the day. Our next event is the U/16 & U/17 Stars back in Joeys on saturday 29th March next. I look forward to meeting you all again very soon.

Stars U14 & U15 2014 PLATE FINAL


Corey Ramsbottom (Carlow)      2     Triston Murphy (CBS)          0


Corey Ramsbottom (Carlow)      2     Sean O’Toole (Joeys)            0

Cian Costello (Sharkx)                 2     Aaron Payne (CBS)               0

Jack Maloney (Portarlington)     2     William Drysdale (CBS)        0

Dylan O’Connell (Joeys)              2     Patrick Corcoran (CBS)        0

Aaron Oglesby (CBS)                          Bye

Michael McCluskey (CBS)          2     Sean McDermott (Joeys)       0

Keith Murphy (Sharkx)                     Bye

Robbie Keogh (Portarlington)    2     Cian Ryan (Sharkx)              0

Jordan McCarthy (Carlow)        2     Ryan Ellison (CBS)               0

Dylan Keigthley (Carlow)           2     James Neville (CBS)            0

Tareek Payne (CBS)                    2     Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)  1

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington)  2     Josh Swaine (CBS)              0

Joshua Bates (Portarlington)     2     Emirjeta Doda (CBS)           0

Shane Ryan (Sharkx)                        Bye

Glen Roche (CBS)                      2     Darragh Fulham (Portarlington) 0

James Bray Duffy (CBS)                 Bye


Corey Ramsbottom                  2     Cian Costello                              0

Dylan O’Connell                       2     Jack Maloney                            1

Michael McCluskey                  2     Aaron Oglesby                           0

Robbie Keogh                           2     Keith Murphy                             0

Dylan Keightley                       2     Jordan McCarthy                       0

Joe La Cumbre                        2     Tareek Payne                             1

Shane Ryan                             2     Joshua Bates                              0

Glen Roche                             2     James Bray Duffy                      0


Corey Ramsbottom                2     Dylan O’Connell                        0

Robbie Keogh                          2     Michael McCluskey                  1

Dylan Keightley                      2     Joe La Cumbre                          0

Shane Ryan                            2     Glen Roche                                0


Corey Ramsbottom               2     Robbie Keogh                            0

Dylan Keightley                     2     Shane Ryan                               1


Corey Ramsbottom               2     Dylan Keightley                        0




James Bray Duffy               1     Cian Ryan                                0

James Neville                      1     Ryan Ellison                            0

Aaron Oglesby                     1     Emirjeta Doda                        0

Sean O’Toole                        1     Darragh Fulham                    0


James Bray Duffy               1     James Neville                        0

Sean O’Toole                       1     Aaron Oglesby                       0


James Bray Duffy             2     Sean O’Toole                          0