On Saturday 22nd February the 33rd U/14 Stars of the future took place in Joeys Snooker Club Dublin. A field of players from Carlow, Kilkenny, Laois, Kildare and Dublin had a great days snooker. Corey Ramsbottom from Carlow was in great form reaching the final without dropping a frame and breaks of 20, 25, and 31 along the way beating Darragh Fulham from Portarlington, Patrick Corcoran from the CBS Dublin and the current U/12 & U/13 Champion Joe La Cumbre from Portarlington. Coreys match against Joe was close with the first frame going to a black ball and the other going down to the colours. Sean O’Connor from Kilkenny was the player to beat at the other end of the draw. Sean had good wins over Jack Maloney and Robbie Keogh from Portarlington and had a close match against Keith Murphy winning it 2-1 to meet Corey in the final. In the final Corey was in form right from the start and with a number of consistent breaks of 18s and 20s took the match 2 nil and the title of U/14 Stars Champion 2014.

Stars U14 FINAL

Congratulations to Corey on his win and to Sean on his great performance on the day. Thanks to all the players for taking part and to everyone who supported this event. Thanks to Annette and Larry for helping out and to Derek Fagan for providing excellent facilities. Our next event is the U/16 & U/17 in Joeys again on Saturday 29th March next.


Dylan O’Connell (Joeys)          2     James Bray Duffy (CBS Dublin)    0

Cian Costello (Sharkx)             2     Josh Swaine (CBS Dublin)              0


Keith Murphy (Sharkx)           2     Michael McCluskey (CBS Dublin)   0

Dylan O’Connell (Joeys)         2     Cian Ryan (Sharkx)                         0

Robbie Keogh (Portarlington) 2     William Drysdale (CBS Dublin)      0

Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)      2     Jack Maloney (Portarlington)         0

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington) 2   Sean O’Toole (Joeys)                      0

Shane Ryan (Sharkx)              2     Cian Costello (Sharkx)                    0

Patrick Corcoran (CBS Dublin) 2   Joshua Bates (Portarlington)        0

Corey Ramsbotton (Carlow)   2     Darragh Fulham (Portarlington)  0


Keith Murphy                           2     Dylan O’Connell                            1

Sean O’Connor                         2     Robbie Keogh                                0

Joe La Cumbre                         2    Shane Ryan                                   1

Corey Ramsbottom                  2    Patrick Corcoran                           0


Sean O’Connor                         2    Keith Murphy                                1

Corey Ramsbottom                  2    Joe La Cumbre                             0


Corey Ramsbottom                 2     Sean O’Connor                             0