Saturday 31st May saw the 3rd Stars Academy All Ireland Championship take place in the Ivy Rooms Carlow. With a good field of 40 players a great days competition was had. This is the last event of the Stars Academy Ireland calendar and it has got great interest and the numbers are increasing each year. The School & College Initiative certainly is starting to bring young players out into competition. Its a slow process but we now can see the benefits of having tables in Schools. Corey Ramsbottom from Carlow the current U/14 & U/15 Stars Champion sailed through to the semis beating Aaron Payne (CBS Dublin), Glen Lawless (Clonmel) , Matty Williams (Kildare) and Shane Launders the current National U/16 School/College Champion 2 frames to nil respectively. Darragh Cusack (Dublin) had good 2 nil wins over Jordan McCarthy (Carlow), Current U/12 & U/13 Stars Champion Joe La Cumbre from Laois and Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny) to meet Corey in the semis.

Stars All Ireland Group

The other half of the draw saw Aaron Holland from Dublin  the current U/17 Stars Champion also reach the semis beating Cameron Mullins (Kildare), Glen Roche (CBS Dublin), Dylan O’Connell (Dublin) and Reece Doyle the Kildare 6 Red Champion all 2 frames to nil. The current U/16 Champion Andrei Deaconscue raced through to the semis to meet Aaron beating Stephen Byrne (Dublin), Leon Costello (Kildare) and Tareek Payne (CBS Dublin).

Aaron & Corey

Aaron Holland kept his cool against the flamboyant and confident Deaconescue with some great safety and potting when among the balls to win his match 2 nil for a place in the final. Corey Ramsbottom had a tough match against Darragh Cusack with the match levelled at 1-1 it was all down to the colours in the 3rd. Corey potted some great long balls and took the match 2-1 to meet Aaron in the final.

Aaron break offCorey in play

In the final Corey started well in frame 1 with a break of 18 but missed a blue to let Aaron in and he made a 43 out of the mistake and was looking good to take it, however Corey pulled back and took it on the pink. Corey going into the second frame with confidence played exceptional snooker to win the frame and take the Stars All Ireland title. Congratulations to Corey on his win and to Aaron on his fine performance. Congrsats to Dylan Keightley on his win in the plate competition against stable mate Jordan McCarthy.

Jordan & Dylan 2

Thanks to Marian and staff of the Ivy Rooms for providing excellent playing facilities and thanks to Annette for her help on the day. A big thank you to all the competitors and parents, teachers and supporters on the day for their input and help making this event great.


Aaron Holland (Joeys Dublin)           2     Cameron Mullins (Sharkx Newbridge)        0

Glen Roche (CBS Dublin)                     2     Adam O’Shea (Sharkx Newbridge)                0

Reece Doyle (Sharkx Newbridge)    2     Kieran Houlihan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)   0

Tareek Payne (CBS Dublin)                 2    Jamie Maloney (Portarlington S.C.)              0

Robert McDonald (CBS Dublin)         2    Alan Beale (St Marks Newbridge)                   0

Keith Murphy (Sharkx Newbridge)  2    Dylan Keightley ( Ivy Rooms Carlow)          0

Shane Launders (Colaiste Chluan Meala) 2  Brandon Uzell (CBS Dublin)                    0

Corey Ramsbottom (Ivy Rooms Carlow) 2   Aaron Payne (CBS Dublin)                      0


Aaron Holland (Joeys Dublin)                 2     Glen Roche (CBS Dublin)                          0

Dylan O’Connell (Joeys Dublin)              2     Adrian Regan (Colaiste Chluan Meala)  1

Tom Ryan (Ivy Rooms Carlow)              2     Joshua Bates (Portarlington S.C.0          0

Reece Doyle (Sharkx Newbridge)          2     Alan Payne (CBS Dublin)                            0

Tareek Payne (CBS Dublin)                      2     Robert McDonald (CBS Dublin)               0

Tristian Graham (Cavan CYMS)             2     Jason O’Toole (CBS Dublin)                       1

Leon Costello ( Sharkx Newbridge)      2     Hashim Gopee (CBS Dublin)                      0

Andrei Deaconscue (Joeys Dublin)       2     Stephen Byrne (Darndale N.S.)               0

Darragh Cusack ( Dublin)                          2     Jordan McCarthy (Ivy Rooms Carlow)  0

Joe La Cumbre (Portarlington S.C.)     2     Cian Costello (Sharkx Newbridge)         1

Sean O’Connor (Kilkenny)                        2     Andrew McCarthy (Portarlington S.C.)  0

Shane Launders (Colaiste Chluan Meala) 2   Robbie Keogh (Portarlington S.C.)      1

TJ Sweeney (Kildare Town School)       2     Nathan Ward (CBS Dublin)                       1

Matty Williams (Sharkx Newbridge)     2     Michael McCluskey (CBS Dublin)        0

Corey Ramsbottom (Ivy Rooms Carlow)  2    Glen Lawless (Colaiste Chluan Meala)  0


AAron Holland                               2     Dylan O’Connell                                0

Reece Doyle                                     2     Tom Ryan                                            0

Tareek Payne                                  2     Tristian Graham                                0

Andreai Deaconscue                    2     Leon Costello                                      0

Darragh Cusack                              2     Joe La Cumbre                                   0

Sean O’Connor                                2     Keith Murphy                                     1

Shane Launders                              2    TJ Sweeney                                          0

Corey Ramsbottom                       2    Matty Williams                                   0


Aaron Holland                               2     Reece Doyle                                         0

Andrei Deaconscue                     2     Tareek Payne                                       0

Darragh Cusack                            2     Sean O’Connor                                     0

Corey Ramsbottom                     2    Shane Launders                                   0


Aaron Holland                              2    Andrei Deaconscue                            0

Corey Ramsbottom                    2    Darragh Cusack                                   1


Corey Ramsbottom                    2    Aaron Holland                                    0



Corey Ramsbottom          20, 22, 26, 29

Aaron Holland                   21,23,25,43

Andrei Deaconscue         23, 31,34

Shane Launders                22, 23

Reece Doyle                       22, 27

Leon Costello                    21, 30