Stars Academy Ireland are delighted to receive 112 fold up 6×3 snooker tables towards their School & College Initiative.  This amount of tables will see their way to the Primary Schools throughout Ireland in September 2014.  Already some Schools have received tables before end of term and are delighted with them. The pupils are extremely enthusiastic about starting to learn and play the sport.  Stars Academy Ireland have orders now for 28 tables come the new School term.  Dan Carroll will visit each School and give free coaching to introduce the children to the sport.  It is envisaged that by the end of the School term in June 2015, we will have over  100 Schools with tables.  Stars Academy Ireland already have 13,962 members the largest snooker membership in the World and is growing weekly.

Ken Doherty is very much involved in this area and supports our School & College Initiative as does Chris Lovell, Jason Ferguson and Andrew Highfield of World Snooker.  Their support is very much appreciated and will help the growth of snooker through the School/College domain.  The support and positive approach shown by the Principals and teachers within our member Schools & Colleges is fantastic and we are now receiving enquiries from Schools and Colleges about our Initiative and requests for tables is building all the time.

Committee 2013

Stars Academy Ireland are now three years ahead of their projected plan and we are amazed at the response to date.  The committee will be sitting during the summer to draw up more plans to enhance our project and improve it where necessary. Its so important to keep developing and coming up with new ideas that help with the growth of the sport.